DVD Tribute Videos

…and the best part is that it costs much, much less than you’d expect!

Tribute Videos are dynamic photo montages created from your own photographs and synchronized to songs of your choice. They make great gifts, memorials, and celebrations of special events and loved ones.


Your photos transition through dissolves and fades with subtle movements such as pans and slow zooms. You may use any combination of digital or printed photos. Photo scanning is always free.


What do I need to do?


Give us all of the photos you wish to include with the names of the songs and music you would like to use. If there is an exact preference to the sequence of the photographs played in the video, then they must be numbered accordingly. Otherwise we will place them in a best estimate of chronological order. Photos can be color or B&W and should be in good repair for the best quality.


Finished DVDs are delivered in time for your showings or special event with a minimum 24 hr. turnaround.

Low Cost Packages to Fit Every Need


Standard 50 Package


Standard 75 Package


Standard 100 Package


Extended 100-Plus Package

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