Website Maintenance and Support

…and the best part is that it costs much, much less than you’d expect!

The web support model streamlines workloads and provides a more efficient process to service websites that will benefit every customer. The overall goal is to provide better service, more service features, and allow clients to direct as much work as they need at a better price.


Fixed Rate Subscription


The website service model consists of fixed rate subscription plans that set consistent and pre-determined rates while eliminating most labor time tracking. Keep in mind that these plans allow plenty of maintenance and content service without incurring extra charges.


• The plans also include all web hosting and address renewals, so no more separate billings for those.


• If you pay monthly and decide to move or cancel your website, you owe nothing, even if third party hosts and registrar renewals were recently initiated under the plan. You always have the flexibility of moving to another provider if you wish.


• All hosting maintenance and administration is included. Content maintenance and updating vary by plan, which can go from minimal to unlimited based on what you need.


• Pay monthly and you're under no obligation. Or you can pay for an entire year, guaranteeing a full term's service without worrying about incremental charges.


• Payments can now be made by PayPal using various credit cards or PayPal accounts as well as traditional payment methods. Visit the StatusMark website and click on Payment Portal at the bottom of the page.






















  • Flexible Billing:
  • Monthly with no large cash outlay or:
  • Annually with less accounting and billing transactions
  • Service is payable online through PayPal
  • Annual Rate payment is discounted 4-5%


  • With monthly service you are free to cancel anytime and pay no more fees
  • Costs are fixed for the year
  • No extra labor costs unless specially requested by the customer


General Service Communication


When you send an support request email, the message is duplicated along several webmail and cell phone applications to my attention. This will alert me to any immediate needs that require quicker response times. Text and voice message options are available as well.


Website Support and Maintenance Plan


What Service and Coverage Can You Expect?


  • Updates with new textual/ graphical content on existing pages as needed.
  • Information updates that are daily dependent will be posted the same day.
  • Urgent request updates will be posted the same day if possible.
  • Short turnaround time on routine updates in as little as 1-3 business days.
  • Full back-up of the web site is maintained and can be delivered as requested.
  • Daily site monitoring to immediately report any problems with service.
  • Speedier contact support channels.
  • Registration and hosting service management, including updates, registrations, renewals, etc.
  • Email and forms management, including updates, set-up, renewals, etc.
  • Consultation on the use of the web site.

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